Xiamen Joyze Hotel pays homage to the Minnan heritage of Fujian Province

by Kate Lok on Mar 15, 2019 in Interiors
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The newly opened Xiamen Joyze Hotel pays homage to the Minnan heritage of Fujian Province

China's south-eastern city of Xiamen may first appear to be an unlikely destination for overseas tourists. But with its rich Minnan heritage (typical of the southern part of Fujian Province), fine tea, pleasant climate, beautiful coastline and colourful European-influenced architecture, Xiamen, once known as Amoy, has long been a favourite spot for domestic Chinese tourists.

The design is conceived by Perspective's A&D Trophy Awards 2018 winner Cheng Chung Design

Situated in the picturesque neighbourhood of Siming and just two minutes from the beach, the newly opened Xiamen Joyze Hotel boasts a design that playfully interlaces Minnan culture with contemporary elements. The design is conceived by Perspective's A&D Trophy Awards 2018 winner Cheng Chung Design; the entrance of the hotel is executed in brick and stone to recreate the distinctive Minnan architectural feature. The hotel's low-rise limestone-clad structure is dotted with box-like windows, and its clean silhouette exudes a village vibe, encircled partly by a meditative body of water, a nod to its coastal setting.Xiamen Joyze Hotel
The lobby is spacious and welcoming. The wall behind the check-in counters is covered in a succession of hollowed-out wooden blocks, each set at a different angle. The result is an undulating effect reminiscent of waves, or perhaps one of the region's traditional fishing nets. Opposite the reception area is a long rectangular wooden table, where a Minnan tea ceremony is performed every day at sundown.

The guest rooms are fitted with large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide ample natural lighting. Carved panels on the walls with tribal patterns provide a light contrast to the timber-heavy furnishings, while open-plan spaces are a nod to the traditional community-oriented nature of Minnan culture.The design is conceived by Perspective's A&D Trophy Awards 2018 winner Cheng Chung DesignCurio Collection by Hilton's first foray into Xiamen is accomplished with an exceptional level of detail that speaks loudly to the city's fishing culture, its Southeast Asian ties and Minnan hospitality. The floral-tiled floors of the VIP dining room, the carvings in the guest rooms, the extensive use of wood and copper finishing, and the neutral colour palette are all characteristics of Minnan homes.

While it may take a little time and a considerable dose of curiosity to notice the nuances in the hotel's designs, the sense of nostalgia is apparent throughout the property, even to those unfamiliar with Minnan heritage.Xiamen Joyze Hotel





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