Stefano Tordiglione Design unveils revamped flagship store for Ellassay

by Sophie Cullen on Apr 22, 2016 in Interiors
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Images by Chester Ong

Images by Chester Ong

Hong Kong-based firm Stefano Tordiglione Design has unveiled the revamped design for the Ellassay flagship store in Shenyang, China

The interior of the store has been created to give the feeling of being inside a white rose – the symbol of this ladies fashion brand. Stefano Tordiglione Design, who came up with the original concept, has revamped the space and differentiated the store's three zones according to the tone of each of the brand's three fashion lines.

Stefano Tordiglione Design-Ellassay 8

Ellassay is the brand's official fashion line and is the first to greet visitors on arrival. The overall feeling of this space is warm and welcoming, with special design features creating interesting focal points. A chandelier at the entrance is again inspired by a rose, and is suspended over furniture that similarly recalls the shape of the flower in a stylised way.

As visitors move further inside the store, elongated curved lines on the walls reference rose petals, encouraging visitors to imagine that they are inside the flower. Vertical lines above those petals have been added to bring more energy to this area, and also to lead customers towards the brand's other lines – specifically Ellassay Weekend where the vertical lines extend to cover the whole wall, reflective of the more energetic yet casual weekend wear on display.

Stefano Tordiglione Design-Ellassay 16

A further lighting feature then marks out Ellassay First, the high-end segment of the brand. Here, the walls are of wood veneer, stylishly aligned in a geometric pattern that references the buds of a blooming rose when looked at from above. The floor features a classic herringbone pattern in wood that sets this area apart, adding extra warmth to the space.  Finally, the VIP room resembles an elaborate walk-in wardrobe with extensive hanging area, make-up tables and space for full VIP treatment.


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