Arboit Limited Designs Headquarters for Cloud DCS in Guangzhou

by Sophie Cullen on Feb 12, 2016 in Interiors
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Led by Alberto Puchetti, director of the Hong Kong-based studio, Arboit Limited has recently completed the offices, showroom and Data Center for Cloud DCS in Guangzhou

The firm has created a headquarters for the company in an existing industrial building. Across the 20,000 sq-m of space, offices, rooms containing thousands of servers' racks, areas to meet clients and multimedia show rooms introducing company services and envisioning internet culture and history have been designed to give the firm a bold new image.


Taking into account the name of the company, the theme of the project is “Flying through the sky”. The idea of streaming clouds is portrayed by a layered ceiling that is 30-metres long. The ceiling feature is made of metal profiles that are painted in seven gradients of blue, and the same artwork is reflected on the floor as a giant painting printed onto the resin, creating the impression of walking on the sky.


The project aims to figuratively celebrate the internet as a stream of information crossing through space, and this is reinforced in areas such as the project gallery and meeting rooms with a cloud pattern that has been printed on plastic film and then laminated between glass panels. Throughout the interior, white and seven tones of blue are used exclusively, defining the brand identity and injecting a sense of energy into the space.


In the product gallery, that is used as a space to display the Cloud DCS collection of creations such as hard drivers, small servers and internet usage-related accessories, a spiral shape has been used to emphasise the theme of movement. At the end of the spiral, a full surface video monitor has been used to act as a dedicated area for interactive screenings for the company.


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