MAD Architects has revealed its design for Xinhee Design Center

by Sophie Cullen on Aug 10, 2016 in Architecture
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All images courtesy of MAD Architects

All images courtesy of MAD Architects

Acclaimed firm MAD Architects has just revealed the design for Xinhee Design Center in China

Located in the coastal Chinese city of Xiamen, MAD Architects' design for the Xinhee Design Center is currently under construction. The project is for the international fashion group Xinhee and its six subsidiary brands.

With a site area of 15,000 sq-m and a building area of 61,000 sq-m, MAD founding principal Ma Yansong says of the design: "We envision it as a building with skin-and-bones, the correspondence of clothing and architecture is they both explore the relationship between the interior and the exterior."

02_MAD_Xinhee Design Center_Rendering

Xinhee Design Center has a central atrium space at its core; from there, six long spanning structures extend out to different directions, and become a star-shaped layout which formalises a solid "bone" structure frame. A mix of office spaces and green gardens compose each of the organically-formed arms, while a translucent and sun-shading envelope of PTFE hangs slightly off the vertical garden, and provides ventilation during the hot season.

05_MAD_Xinhee Design Center_Rendering

As an innovative and creative office, the spatial organisation mimics six petals, growing from a central point. Each of the six brands have their own individual office and research space, yet can freely interact and communicate between departments. Unlike traditional corporate "boxes," a radial layout enables the office space to be highly efficient and flexible, while at the same time provide natural light, ventilation, and vistas.

03_MAD_Xinhee Design Center_Rendering

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