A micro cabin in the country

by Sophie Cullen on Jul 29, 2015 in Architecture
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Perth-based architecture firm Space Odyssey Design incorporates a bevy of unique concepts into its design for a micro cabin in the country

The firm was approached by clients who have a passion for bush poetry and country music, especially anything that incorporating the unique Australian landscape. Using a particular poem that was given to them for inspiration, they have designed an innovative structure that speaks to the Australian outback.

Perspective 2

The practice has managed to incorporate the land into this build directly by using earth drawn from the site itself to create a mass-rammed earth wall to the north. Sitting slightly raised to elevate it from the flood plain, the rest of the cabin is constructed from timber that is locally sourced. Self-composting sanitary systems are utilised internally, with waste being used as fertiliser for the surrounding garden. Rain water is harvested in tanks for both consumption and washing, while the bed and dining table can fold up into the cabinetry, allowing additional space for guests.

Perspective 3

To further accommodate friends and family, additional bedding is provided by hammocks that are suspended from a truss running the length of the structure. An existing shed links to the cabin via a raised platform, creating an area for guests to congregate, sing and perform around a fire pit. Recycled cattle grates are used as grills to cover the windows whenever the site is not in use. Scheduled to break ground in the coming months, the firm hopes that the build will be realised by the close of 2015.




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