Architecture / Interiors, 40 under 40, 2010
Federico Masin, Architecture / Interiors, 40 under 40 2010
Federico Masin
Baukuh and HBA, Hong Kong

Designing projects from his home office in Hong Kong, Federico Masin, the Asia-based partner for Italian firm, Baukuh, proves that even the smallest of firms can have a big impact. Even more impressive, for Masin, designing buildings with Baukuh is a hobby — undertaking large-scale architectural projects on his weekends and in the evenings, he hopes to one day make architecture his full-time gig, but for now is employed as an interior designer for local firm HBA. Recent works, both completed and in development, include LCoc, Beijing Kitchen and Delli.

Filipe Balestra, Architecture / Interiors, 40 under 40 2010
Filipe Balestra
Urban Nouveau, Rio de Janeiro

Not only has Filipe Balestra worked alongside the likes of Rem Koolhaas and Thomas Sandell, he has also spent much of his working time on humanitarian projects. Balestra collaborated with residents of a poor neighbourhood in Rocinha, Rio De Janeiro, to design and build a much-needed public school. He is now one of two principal architects involved in a project to regenerate slum areas in India, wherein residents are again actively involved in a process that seeks to improve existing neighbourhoods and continue their histories, rather than completely destroying them to make way for standard housing blocks. Residents can choose from three basic housing designs, which they can modify as needed. As Balestra says himself, he is working for “architecture in the 21st century, (which) should act as a catalyst for solving the challenges we face as a global community.”

Ida Sze and Billy Chan, Architecture / Interiors, 40 under 40 2010 Ida Sze and Billy Chan, Architecture / Interiors, 40 under 40 2010
Ida Sze and Billy Chan
Ida & Billy, Hong Kong

A design duo formed during their architectural schooling, Ida Sze and Billy Chan make up the creative force behind Ida & Billy, a partnership that collaborates for competitions and a few select projects. With both employed full time by larger firms, the work done under Ida & Billy represents ‘passion’ projects, and opportunities for both to articulate their shared vision of simple, practical striking design. Recently taking first prize for the 2010 Shanghai Expo Hong Kong Pavilion Concept Design Competition, their exhibition Live Nature for the Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture received much attention, as did their entry for the Chinese University of Hong Kong's new School of Architecture building design competition, which was shortlisted in the final six.

Jason Carlow, Architecture / Interiors, 40 under 40 2010
Jason Carlow
C:A+D, Hong Kong

Founder and principal of C:A+D, Carlow Architecture and Design, Jason Carlow has worked as an architect, designer, artist, carpenter and teacher in Boston, New York, Berlin, Seattle and now Hong Kong. Graduating cum laude in visual and environmental studies from Harvard University before receiving a Master’s degree in Architecture from Yale University, his work is inspirational and at times experimental — particularly in his projects predominately used in exhibitions — where innovative techniques and materials are readily employed to create truly unique structures.

Notable works include his Scale Screen, Wave Floor, Control Tower and the Urban Picnic project. In his recent work, research and teaching Carlow has focused on exploring the relationship between digital and traditional modes of drawing, modelling and fabrication.