Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

See how some Hong Kong architects and designers have reworked a Scandinavian classic

Fashion Hong Kong

Fashion Hong Kong

Celebrate Hong Kong's fashion design

A functional luxury apartment

A functional luxury apartment

Take a cue from Roy David Studio's latest interior in Tel Aviv

HK House Party

HK House Party

Take a look inside the latest venue in the city whose multi-functional design allows for diverse usability

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    Tiger's Milk

    See inside the interior of Singapore's latest Peruvian restuarant

  • Photo courtesy Idol Hotel

    Groovy, Baby!

    Get funky at the coolest new Parisian hotel

  • deTour 2015 at PMQ

    deTour 2015

    Tour Hong Kong's annual art and design festival

  • SOGO CLUB by Alexander Wong Architects (02)


    Hong Kong firm Alexander Wong Architects has designed a futuristic interior for SOGO CLUB in Causeway Bay

  • Wet n Wild Haikou Commencement Ceremony -Toast

    Wet'n'Wild Haikou

    China's newest water theme park

  • Photo by Jinho Lee

    A Green Home

    BIG has designed a low energy masterplan for the Hualien Residences in Taiwan

  • The Optimist - Bar (2)

    The Optimist

    How has Rocío Martínez Amoedo bought a touch of authentic Spanish style to Hong Kong?


    Architect's interiors

    View how Shalini Misra makes space sensual